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Fulfilling the Dream - Podcast Episodes

Latest Episode

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Michael Williams

Retired President and CEO of Orchards Children's Services

Wayman Britt

Host of Fulfilling the Dream

Wayman Britt shares his personal story of growing up in poverty during the Jim Crow era and his journey to becoming a leader in the public sector. He emphasizes the importance of persistence, discovering one's purpose, and overcoming obstacles to achieve meaningful goals. Throughout the podcast, he will share inspiring stories of modern-day heroes and heroines who have fulfilled their dreams and offer insights that listeners can apply to their own lives. The podcast aims to give listeners the courage and confidence to fulfill their dreams and be their true authentic selves.

Sara Armbruster

President and CEO of Steelcase Incorporated

In this episode of "Fulfilling the Dream," host Wayman Britt interviews Sara Armbruster, President and CEO of Steelcase Incorporated. They explore Sara's unexpected journey from studying Russian to leading a major corporation, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and the role of mentors. Sara discusses the significance of inclusivity and talent development in the workplace and the community, and how Steelcase's commitment to social innovation aims to create sustainable change. Additionally, they touch on the "Work Better" podcast, which shares insights on work and the workplace, and Sara shares personal reflections on overcoming self-doubt and the diverse qualities of effective leadership.

M.C. Burton III

Music Producer and Composer

In this episode of "Fulfilling the Dream," host Wayman Britt talks with MC Burton III, a former athlete turned musician and composer. Burton shares his transformative journey from Michigan to California, where he pursued his passion for music despite initial challenges and criticism. He reflects on the importance of hard work, dedication, and the influence of his father and figures like Kashif in his music career. Burton also discusses his spiritual journey, the impact of faith on his life, his perspective on racial labels, and the significance of family values. His story is one of perseverance and the pursuit of dreams, inspiring listeners to follow their passions with conviction and belief.

Jim Hackett

Former CEO of Ford Motor Company and Steelcase Inc

In this episode of "Fulfilling the Dream" podcast, host Wayman Britt interviews Jim Hackett, former CEO of Ford Motor Company and Steelcase Inc. Hackett discusses his unexpected path to leadership, his innovative work in autonomous vehicles and office furniture, and his interim directorship of athletics at the University of Michigan. He also shares his philosophy on leadership, the importance of resilience, and his dedication to continuous learning and improvement and interest in data science. The episode concludes with a discussion on fulfilling dreams and making a difference.

Leadriane Roby

Superintendent of Grand Rapids Public Schools

In this episode of the podcast "Fulfilling the Dream," host Wayman Britt welcomes Leadriane Roby, superintendent of Grand Rapids Public Schools. Roby shares her background and her passion for education, influenced by her family's belief in its power. The conversation focuses on the importance of providing equal opportunities for all children to succeed and fulfill their dreams. They discuss instructional gaps and belief gaps as factors that contribute to the gap in children's dreams. They also emphasize the responsibility of schools, parents, communities, and religious institutions in supporting young people. Leadriane Roby shares her personal connection to mentor Alan Page and offers advice for aspiring young leaders.

Paul Collins

Realist Artist

In this podcast episode, host Wayman Britt interviews Paul Collins, a renowned realist artist. Collins shares his journey and inspiration as an artist, discussing his upbringing, encounters with racism, and pivotal moments in his life. He talks about his involvement in civil rights movements, his relationship with President Gerald Ford, and his efforts to improve the community of Grand Rapids. Collins emphasizes the importance of unity, challenging hate, and recognizing our shared humanity. The conversation also touches on issues such as poverty, gun control, and the power of art to make a positive impact on society.

Milton Barnes

Founder and President of Playwright Sports Academy

Do you want to make a positive impact on young people's lives? In this podcast, Wayman Britt interviews Milton Barnes, founder and president of Playwright Sports Academy, head coach at Jackson High School, and former NCAA head coach. Barnes shares his experience growing up in Saginaw, Michigan, and how his father instilled in him the values of hard work and serving God. He emphasizes the importance of finding young people's strengths and expanding on them to build their confidence and help them achieve their dreams. 

Robert Woodson

Founder and President of the Woodson Center and 1776 Unites

Do you believe that the real solutions to poverty can only be found by looking to people on the right or the left? In this episode of "Fulfilling the Dream with Wayman Brett," Bob Woodson, the founder and president of the Woodson Center and 1776 Unites, shares his views on poverty and solutions to poverty. He believes that the character of a nation is determined by how it treats the least of God's children and that all the answers to poverty are contained within the community suffering the problem.

Dr. Keli Christopher

Founder: STEM Greenhouse

Are you feeling stuck in your career or education? Do you feel like you're facing too many obstacles to achieve your dreams? In this episode of "Fulfilling the Dream with Wayman Britt," Dr. Keli Christopher shares her inspiring journey of overcoming challenges and pursuing her passion for STEM education. As the founder of STEM Greenhouse, Dr. Christopher is dedicated to preparing young people for opportunities in STEM fields and helping them achieve their dreams.

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Lenny Wilkins

Former NBA Head Coach, Player and Entrepreneur

This episode features an interview with Lenny Wilkens, a former NBA player and coach, discussing his life and career, as well as his thoughts on leadership and fulfilling one's dreams. Wilkens emphasizes the importance of role models and mentors in shaping one's character and helping them fulfill their dreams, and shares his experiences working with high school dropouts and supporting the Odessa Brown Children's Clinic in Seattle. The conversation also touches on Wilkens' upbringing during the Depression era and his transition from being a player to a player-coach in the NBA. The episode ends with a discussion of the NBA playoffs and a call to action for listeners to subscribe and share the podcast.

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